Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Produce and Bread for my Chickens

I see on different blog sites all the time about people who have chickens and are able get free things to supplement their chicken feed.  The grocers in the area throw it out before they give it away to use like this.  I was just thinking about this again last night and God works in mysterious ways.
Today a friend called and said she was somewhere and the gentleman who runs the place said he wish he knew someone who had chickens to give the outdated produce and bread to.  Michelle said she knew someone and called me.  I go tomorrow and get my first load.  When I am there I will make arrangements to come twice a week to pick stuff up.  I am so excited and know the girls will enjoy the treats.
Thanks Michelle!!!!!!

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  1. I give mine watermelon, and usually leftovers on top of the food and bugs they eat.