Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Crochet Purses/Bags Going to Georgia

Most of you know that I opened an Etsy store almost 4 weeks ago.  In my store I have a variety of vintage rescued items from estate sales, auctions and have my rag crocheted items.  A gentleman from Georgia saw my rag crocheted items and contacted me about 2 weeks ago asking if I would send him one of my purses so he could evaluate it for his store.  We wrote back and forth and I agreed to send it to him at a reduced price.  After looking it over he wrote and asked if I could make one with a shoulder strap so this weekend I made up 3 of them and sent him some pictures yesterday.  He  wrote back and wanted them plus 3 of the original ones.  He picked out what he wanted and paid for everything and now they are their way to Georgia.
What started out by seeing something while surfing, crocheting to rehab my hand after surgery has lead to this.
When I make the purses/bags I use ALL recycled items and a wonderful reader sent me some buttons that I have been using and some of the material I am using is from my sister-in-law Gale from Texas.  So I have items from Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania going to a shop in Georgia.  Pretty neat.

Shoulder strap bag.

Close up of the shoulder strap purse.

One of the original style purses that went to Georgia.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Canning and Conveinent Mixes

I am so glad that last year I canned a lot of convenient types of items and made up some convenient mixes.  Yesterday I made a pot of Vegetable Beef Soup and used a jar of the soup veggies and a jar of tomatoes.  Since I retired we eat a bigger variety of meals because I have all the stuff ready to use.  If you remember in December I made up some stuffing mix so we could have stuffing through the year and not just at holiday times.  We've used 2 bags so far and when I get down to the last bag I will for sure be making more.  I didn't have a recipe but came up with my own and I have to say I did an excellent job.  There is nothing I will do different the next time I make it.  Both times I just poured the bag of stuffing in a baking dish, added a quart of turkey broth, mix it well and then put some butterfly pork chops on top.  I cover this with foil for the first hour and a half and then remove the foil for the last 20 minutes or so. You could also do this with chicken but Ron likes it better with chops.  Another thing that I canned was new potatoes and we use those all the time too.  The other night I poured the liquid off of a jar of potatoes, put them in a baking dish, drizzled some olive oil on them and then sprinkled them with garlic powder, salt and pepper and baked them for about an hour.  Oh so good and easy.   My favorite is the potatoes and carrot mixture, I use when we have roast or when I make stew.  All you have to do is cook the meat in the crock pot and about 2 hours before you eat add the jar of potatoes and carrots.  Before I canned these things we ate a lot of meat and very few veggies with them.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sinus Infection

I hardly ever get sick and have this sinus infection like I had last year.  The sinus cavity in the back of my head gets infected and it feels like my head will explode.  You know how you feel if you have smashed your finger or toe and if you run a needle under the nail to relieve the pressure it feels oh so good.  Well if someone would just take a needle and relieve some of the pressure I would feel so much better.  This is the 3rd day I have been sick and I'm more than past due to get better.  I HATE FEELING SICK.  I am not a patient person and when I have no control over something it drives me crazy.
I just got back from running some packages to the Post Office and it is nice and warm out.  It is in the 50's but the fog has not lifted all day.  Tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 60's with rain and then Wednesday it will be in the mid 30's with rain and snow.  It's no wonder so many people are sick.  We desperately need the moisture so I do welcome the rain and the snow.  The majority of my hens are white and with weather like this they look terrible.  I keep telling them that I need to install a shower for them.  Once and only once a couple years ago I gave them a bath.  You ask why in the world would she do that?  Well they were so dirty and my granddaughter Hannah said she would help me so we did it.  It was oh so much fun that I've never done it again. This proves that just because I'm old I can still learn from past mistakes.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etsy Grand Opening Discount

I'm having a Grand Opening of my Etsy Store on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I'm offering 10% off on everything.  But to my loyal blog readers and followers I'm offering a 15% discount.  You can see all the details below.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit back and enjoy.  On  the right side of my site you can click on the picture of the pattern and it will take you to my store.  Thanks

15% off a your entire order (discount not applied to shipping costs).

The coupon code is: GRANDOPENING15
The coupon code will be activated on Friday morning at 7 AM Central Time and will stop at 9 PM Central Time on Sunday night.
Sure hope you find some wonderful bargains and thanks for shopping with me.

The below is from Etsy and shows you how to use the discount code.

Once you've added an item to your cart, click Apply shop coupon code above "Item total" to enter the coupon code for your order.

Then enter the coupon code into the space provided and click the Apply button.  The coupon discount will adjust your order total.


The below info is on my policies page under shipping and I always do this. 



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bargain Find

My daughter Renee stopped yesterday at a Aldi store to pick up something and she found spiral sliced ham for $5 off.  She called me right away and we made plans to go today and pick some up for the freezer.  I got 5 hams for $31.53; 40 lbs; 79 cents a pound, 20 meals and a ham for Easter.  I packed 16 packs of ham steaks and 4 pkgs of the ham ends where they stop the slicing.  The Aldi's she found this at is closing next Thursday and moving to a new location.  There is also another store several miles from that one that is also closing.  The 2 stores are combining into 1 new store.  So next Thursday I will be going into town and going to both stores to see what good bargains I can find.  For those that shop at Aldi in Peoria it is the Sterling Ave and War Memorial Drive store that will be closing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

One of Those Days

Do you have days when you are busy all day and still feel like you didn't do anything?  Well I had one of those today.  Worked on my Etsy store redoing some of the listings and did a couple loads of laundry.  Then I am either stupid or stubborn or maybe both and hung 2 loads of linens outside.  For a normal day that would be OK but it was about 8 degrees and the wind was horrible.  The stuff would freeze before I got it hung, the sheets and material would whip around and hit me.  My fingers were the only thing that about broke off.  I had on my backyard coat, earmuffs, neck scarf and gloves but my finger tips were almost froze.  When I came in I was almost in tears.  Yes I have a working dryer but after I retired I said I would not use it unless I absolutely could not hang the clothes up.
After all of that I washed the towels but hung them on my rack in the laundry room and then washed the last load of stuff we got this weekend.  The towels were dry by supper time so I took them down and hung the last load of material.  I also did some packing of orders from my Ebay stuff which I will get mailed in the morning and a few other odd things.  Busy but still feel like nothing got done.  Tomorrow I need to get pictures of stuff that need to be put on Ebay and Etsy and that will take most of the day.  I think, no I know I work harder since I retired that when I worked and Mr SLB you don't need to chime in.  :)
Brandon stayed last night because my son-in-law had surgery today.  He was up most of the night working on the below items.  He was real good and did not drive me crazy, I instead drove him crazy.  He hates it when I make him pick up after himself.
Brandon's creations.

The hauler.

The race car.

Vehicle that pulls everything.

He got cans of Coke out and placed them on the hauler and had the race car pull it and it would pull 10 can of coke which we calculated weighed  a little over 8 lbs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside and my Auction Finds

Yesterday it was 50 degrees and today it didn't get out of the 20's.  Monday and Tuesday we will be lucky to get to 15 degrees.
We went to a large auction yesterday where I got a lot of linens, some material and lots of tablecloths.  The linens will be used for rag crocheting and I will put the tablecloths on Etsy or Ebay.  This lady loved sheep and everything had sheep on them.  There was 1 hay wagon with huge bags of wool that had been dyed and ready to be spun.  There had to be at least 100 garbage bag size bags of the wool, it  was beautiful.  Also there was about 50 garbage bags of material, huge amount of sewing items, yarn and 1 hay wagon full of baskets.  The antique furniture was beautiful.  It was hard to believe that all the stuff came out of a 3 bedroom old house.  I'm sure most of the stuff had to come out of a garage or barn.  I can't say for sure but I would think she was a hoarder.  Of the $20 I spent yesterday I should make at least $200 +.   All the boxes of stuff I got were only $1 each.  I think that they just went through the house and threw everything in a box or bag and I always find some good treasures that way. I also got lots of patterns that I will go through to make sure all the pieces are there and then put them on one of the sites.  People love vintage patterns.  If I don't sell something after a short time then I find someone who might want it or take it to Goodwill.  I need to keep turning over the stuff because I have such a small place to keep it and don't want my kids to clean stuff up when I die.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Webinars for Small Farms or Homesteads

A couple of weeks ago a former co-worker Shaun emailed me some info on some webinars that the state of Illinois was having this year and thought I would be interested in some.  I registered for several and enjoyed the first one on Raising Broiler Turkeys on Small Farms.  I learned a lot and plan to make the Ohio Brooder that they talked about.
I emailed the gentleman about sharing this info on the blog and they said "Certainly you can mention these.  We appreciate the assistance."

The first link is where you register and the second link is the recording of the 1st one on turkeys.

Also on the first link they have the list of everything they are offering and they are free which is always very good.  They have webinars on pest control in the garden, companion planting, one on poultry and many more.

Look around their site as they have a lot of programs planned for the year that are something you can attend or log into.  You do need to register for them.
This is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge for your small farm or homestead.

The Webinar entitled Raising Broiler Turkeys on Small Farms can be accessed at:
Scroll down the page to Small Farm Webinar- Raising Broiler Turkeys

Illinois Small Farms

monday's homestead barn hop

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nothing Going On

It has pretty much been rather boring around here since the first of the year.  All I have been up to is stocking my Etsy store and selling things on Ebay.  Both things are doing real good but take an enormous amount of time.  After doing good on Ebay selling vintage canning jars I branched out to other items that we pick up at auctions or get free.  I put on Ebay a pair of spurs that we found and made about $125; a Indian motorcycle emblem that Ron found in some scrap years ago went for $38.  Doing both of these is a full time job and not an 8 hour day but have found it fun and profitable.  I'm amazed at what sells and for how high some items go for.  After the post office opens in a couple of hours I have 3 big boxes of stuff to take up.  Some days Ron will take the stuff when he gets home from work.
It has been cold for the last week and I am already tired of winter.  I hate that I can't get out everyday and fiddle around in the yard.  Also hanging laundry inside is not a favorite thing either.  Last June I decided to save energy and not use my dryer and don't regret that decision.  For 2 weeks after surgery we used it because I couldn't hang clothes with one hand and Ron would not do it but the rest of the time I hang it out or in.
Well I guess I'll pick up around the house some and look around to see what else I can do to keep busy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Going to be a Nice Day Today

It has been a really nice week and is going to get warmer each day as the week goes on.  So instead of hanging laundry inside I washed 2 loads this morning and just came in from hanging them out.  Still a little cold right now (36) but it will be in the high 40's today.  Got to take advantage of the nice days when we get them.  Tomorrow we have rain in the forecast but Friday we are suppose to get in the 50's.  I plan on taking sheets off the beds tomorrow and wash them Friday morning and hang them out.
I got up a little before 4, showered, did 2 loads of laundry, packed 8 orders from eBay and it is just 7:30.  I have some more stuff to add to my Etsy Store; PaulasThisandThat but don't want to overwhelm myself like I did yesterday.  It takes time to get the shelves stocked.  Going to put some of the stuff I had on eBay in the Etsy store.  It is a lot cheaper to sell on Etsy than eBay.  Well going to get busy and start stocking the shelves with some goodies.  Later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recycling Project # 1

Several weeks ago Ron brought home an old wood ironing board that he thought I might like to do something with.  The first thing he did was to take it completely apart.  Then I had him use the wood from the legs and glued them together so I could make a shelf.  The same night he brought it home it spoke to me and I knew what I wanted to make.  Ron went to work doing the electrical part and he cut the shelf when the glue was good and dry.  I used 2 of the 4 lamp sconces that he brought home the first of December to make into the lights.  Then I used 2 Ball Blue Jars for the light shades.  I sanded all the wood and then applied 2 coats of Minwax Antique Finishing Oil to the ironing board and the little shelf.  The oil brought out the grain in the wood and gave it a nice shine.  Tonight Ron hung it in the spot next to the fridge and it looks absolutely beautiful.  Cost for the project was about $8.00 for the oil but have plenty left over and a pull cord for the lights.  The rest of the stuff was all recycled items.

Project # 2 might showcase tomorrow, hint it has something to do with another wood ironing board.  Ron said in all the years he has worked at the scrap yard (44 years) this was the first time he has saw wooden ironing boards brought in.  Of course if he sees more he will bring them home.

This is what the wood looks like before the oil.

After the second oiling.
From top to bottom; 2 recycled light sconces, 2 of my Ball jars, my chicken plate sitting on the shelf made by gluing the wood legs together.  It is absolutely beautiful!! 
PJH Designs

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanks to a Kind Person

Last week I wrote a note on the blog to my local friends and family that I was needing some buttons for the rag items I was crocheting.  Someone who reads the blog who I've never met, talked to or know contacted me and said she had some buttons she would send me if I wanted them.   I gave her my address and she sent me a box of buttons.  I received them today and was so amazed that someone would do that.  I went through the buttons one by one and there are some very old and huge buttons in there.  The bigger and gaudier the better.  I love them and thank her so very much for making my day.   Thanks Jean!!

I've Been Very Busy

I'm still here just been very busy.  I have items on Ebay that Renee and I sell, stuff under my husbands name that Ron and I sell and just finished opening my Etsy store.  Researching the items, cleaning/organizing the items, taking pictures, editing the pictures, writing about the item and then finally listing the item is a full time  job.  Then when you sell something you have to pack it and take to the post office.  Renee and I have done real well selling our vintage canning jars, Ron and I have done excellent at selling misc items and I just opened my Etsy store at 8 PM yesterday and had my first $30+ sale 2 hours later, WOW.  I still need to do some more work to get some more things listed and hope to have everything added by Friday.  This is not an 8 hour a day job but it is making money and I LOVE doing what I am doing.  Renee said about 8 months ago I should open a shop but I guess I just wasn't ready.  I am not abandoning my blog.  It is a slow time around here right now.  I will be posting some neat things this week that Ron and I made by recycling some pretty neat things.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year and a Clean House

The last two weeks I would clean up things as they got dirty BUT not deep clean.  Yesterday I got up early, 4:30 to get started.  I started in the kitchen and worked my way through the house.  It took me 6 long hours and when I was done it looked so nice.  Crocheting rag items messes up the house so much.  The lint from the stuff gets EVERYWHERE.  Up again early today but not as early as yesterday and decided to sit and catch up reading some posts on some blogs I follow.  
New Years day Ron and I went to an auction and I got some stuff that I will be selling on ebay.  I started sorting through some vintage patterns yesterday and now have them in my clean living room working on them.  I go through every pattern to make sure it is complete before I list it.  I have gotten my money back in entertainment just going through them.  They are so neat and I wonder did we really wear stuff like that?  Most are from the 50's.  There are several that were sent for through the mail and are still in the envelope that they were mailed in.  The postage ranges on the envelopes are 1 cent, 1 1/2 cent and 2 cents.  The patterns were offered in newspapers and you mailed 15 cents in coin to get them.  That was in the day when you could put money in the mail without worry.  
Going to make me a toasted bagel and back to working on this stuff.  Take care everyone and may each and everyone have a blessed New Year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Re-gifted Items

My daughter Renee re-gifted some things to me and I'll take re-gifted things any day.  She sent over 11 lbs of dates, 10 lbs of hard wheat white flour, at least 10 lbs of yellow apples and a few other grocery items.  I've packaged the dates and vacuumed sealed them and will freeze some and put some in the fridge to use for breads.  The flour went in my sealed flour bucket, the apples will be dried for apple chips when the dehydrator is empty and the other items went in my cabinet.
Also she send over about 12 magazines with recipes and magazines on gardening.  After I read them I will recycle them by giving them to my son for his friend's brother who is autistic and loves magazines.  These have a lot of colorful pictures and he will like that.   
THANKS so much, the items will not go to waste and are so much appreciated anytime.