Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stevia and Canned Bacon

My grandson Brandon came to spend a couple of days with me so we started our day by cutting some of the stevia and putting it in the dehydrator.  I was cutting each leaf one by one from the stalks and Brandon came in and ran his fingers down the stalk and completely stripped it in just a second.  Young minds come in handy sometimes.  I now have my 5 trays filled and in the dehydrator.  When it is dried I will crush it and use to sweeten my tea.
Then we proceeded to can some bacon.  We canned 2 lbs and will try a jar of it on Thursday for supper to see how it tastes.  If it turns out I will pick up a few 10lb boxes of bacon when we go down to Beachies Bulk Food store in Arthur and can it.  I will keep you posted when we have it for supper Thursday and how it tastes.  This is the link where I found out how to can bacon:


Brandon stripping the leaves from the stevia stalks.

Stevia going in the dehydrator.

Roll of masking paper, 12" X 180', found at Menards, isle where the green paint tape is for $2.97 a roll.

Bacon going on the masking paper.

1 lb of bacon.

Adding masking paper to the top of the bacon.

1 lb of bacon ready to be folded and rolled.

Took the handle of a long wooden spoon, put it in the middle of the bacon, fold it in half.

Ready to rolled.

Roll tightly.

All rolled up.

Putting in a wide mouth quart jar.

Putting in the caner.

Bacon out of the caner, 10lbs for 90 minutes.



  1. Great post! I saw your corn post too.......your blog topics just really attracted my eye this week! Thanks for sharing your knowledge I am fairly inexperienced at canning meat.

  2. Been dying to learn how to can meat! I'll be checking back to see how it tasted! Can't wait to reaf that post!

  3. How neat! I have never tried canning bacon. Love the stevia. We grow and dry it too. Thank you for linking up at the Carnival of Home Preserving!