Saturday, June 8, 2013

Amish Area Trip, Garage Sales, Produce Auction , Apostolic Auction and Grocery Shopping

Friday morning we were up and on the road by 5:30 to go to Arthur, IL to some some shopping.  We started out for 1 1/2 hours doing garage sales and then went to the produce auction.  Not much to bid on as it is early in the season.  I did try to get some broccoli but it went way to high for me.  We then did some more garage sales and then went out to the bulk food store to get a whoopie pie for my breakfast/lunch.  I got a oatmeal whoopie pie and Ron got a blueberry fried pie.  We also checked to see what time they were closing so we could make it one of our last trips of the day.  Did a lot more garage sales and saw where they were having an auction at 4 PM for an estate of an Apostolic "Old Maid".  We checked it out and decided we would go to it.   So off to the bulk food store and Salvage store to do our shopping as both closed at 5 PM.  We took a cooler with us so we could put the cold stuff and bought some ice.  I didn't get a huge amount of stuff but did get several different kinds of cheese.
Then off to the auction where I picked up some stuff to sell on Etsy and Ebay.  We would have liked to stay longer at the auction as there were a lot  of linens I was interested in but with a little over a 2 hour drive home and need some supper we left there and start home about 5:45 PM.  We stopped and got some fast food and ate on the road, not what I wanted to do but Ron is the driver so I have to respect that he was getting tired and just wanted to get home at a decent time.  We still had eggs to collect and food to be given to the poultry when we got home.

Some of the items I picked up to sell are:
Amish women's items:  dresses with the collars and aprons, and a nice coat
Amish men's items: 2 pair of nice blue jeans and a nice coat
Amish girl's items: lots of dresses, some with pinafores and some without and a couple little hats
Amish boy's items: pants, shirts, coat with matching hat and several baby hats
About 75 vintage women's hankies
A few vintage linens

Items I'm keeping are some new towels, wash rags, dish towels and for the new one due in September; way to many clothes.

Now I need a model to model the Amish ladies dresses.  At Derek's B'day party today I'm going to see if my 17 year old granddaughter would model for me sometime soon.

Small pony and cart at the produce auction.

Wagon at the produce auction, the seat is from a van/SUV.

Spraying fertilizer on the field, when we rolled down the window to get the picture you could tell it was "natural made fertilizer" most likely some of it was from the horse pulling the wagon.

Farmer between 2 fields.

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