Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Big Helper

Brandon and Derek stayed last night and Brandon left early this morning to go with his uncle for the day.  Derek who is 6 stayed and spent the rest of the day with me.  I had a lot of cleaning I was going to do and he LOVES to help.  We took a lot of my Etsy/Ebay stock out of the room I keep it in, went through the stuff and reorganized the stuff, added another shelving unit and it looks 100% better in there.  We then burnt some boxes and garbage, had a lunch break and then back to work.  We folded clothes then he vacuumed the whole house and vacuumed the furniture.  I was sweeping the kitchen with a broom and he wanted to know why I was doing it the old fashion way.  I asked how they swept their kitchen and he said they turn off the rug beaters on their Dyson and vacuum it.  I didn't know using a broom was considered "old fashion".  Ron didn't do the dishes yesterday and he made me do them for him.  I was running the water and went to see how he was doing with vacuuming the bedrooms and forgot I left the water running and came back to the water running and luckily was overflowing into the other side of the sink.  Of course he had to tell grandpa and cousin Ian about it at the supper table.
When Ron got home he went out and helped him put another window in the turkey coop.  He was the boss, a working boss.  He helped cut with the jig saw, caulked, screwed the window in and helped with the trim.  After supper he just started cleaning the table and told Ron we need to get this done so we can get the chickens and turkeys some water.  When he starts a job he finishes it completely.  He is not like most 6 year old's.  He has a great attention span when it comes to doing things, better than some adults and a whole lot better than his 15 year old brother.
I noticed he is always saying we need to "just get r done".  He works with his dad all the time in the garage.  He would drive his dad nuts about getting out to the garage ever since he was just a couple years old.  When he was about 4 he kept asking to go out to the garage to do some work and Tony just wanted a day off of doing things so he told Derek it was the "Garage's" day off.  Derek was upset but finally got over it.

Derek relaxing after his hard day of work.

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