Thursday, November 7, 2013

If I Had a Bucket List..............

I am on cloud nine, I feel like a child on Christmas, I feel like I won the lottery.  We left home today for our 4 day Northern Indiana Amish community trip.  We had one Amish thrift store we were stopping at today and we went there right away.  Pa-Ma Treasure Trove in Milford Indiana is now my favorite store.  This is an Amish run second hand store that had a little bit of everything.  The people who own the store are probably in their 50's and are the friendliest Amish people we've ever met.  Right away when we walked into the store Mr. Gingerich offered us coffee and fresh baked pumpkin whoppie pies to eat while we shopped.  Ron had one right away and I had one after I finished shopping, it was delicious. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Gingerich talked about anything and everything in the Amish life.  They had 5 children and 4 chose not to remain Amish.  They see all the kids all the time and they are not shunned.  Mrs. Gingerich even took me into her house to show it to me.  Very simple, very spacious.  It was open concept, one huge room with the living room dining room and kitchen all in one huge room.  The bedrooms and bath were off the main area.  They heat their home by a wood burning stove that is in their shop that is attached to the house and also have a wood burner in the living room side that they only use if it gets below zero out.
Their only child (son) who remained Amish lives next door and every Saturday night they have a Threshers Dinner at their house for a $15 donation.  It has to be a donation as they don't have a license to do it.   You can arrive at 5 pm and they will take you for a ride in their horse and buggy and then the family style dinner is served at 6 pm.  The dinner consists of 2 meats, potatoes, vegetable, rolls and pie.  Might serve more than that but I was so excited about getting to go Saturday that I'm sure I missed out on what was being served.  I would pay just for the ride and a chance to sit and talk to them.  They will answer any question you ask and are just as friendly or friendlier than their parents. 
So go ahead and envy me about 5 pm Eastern time as I ride in the buggy and then at 6 pm when we sit down to eat.  I will see what I can take pictures of and share them on the blog.  Sure hope I can sleep tonight as I am so excited for this chance of a lifetime and it is 2 days away. 

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