Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Evening With the Amish

I don't where to begin.  We arrived at the Amish house a little before 5 and was ready for our buggy ride.  We were the first ones there and got the first ride.  The inside of the buggy was so much nicer than I thought it would be.  The seats, the walls and ceiling were deep blue velvet, the floor was covered with vinyl flooring.  It was also much smaller inside, it had a front seat that held 2 people and a back seat that held 2 people very snuggly.  The driver of the wagon sits on the right side of the buggy.  The ride lasted about 20 minutes and we talked the entire time which made it seem like 5 minutes.  Mr. Gingrich pointed out different things along the route and told us different things about his neighbors, Amish and also English neighbors.  He was saying that the English will help the Amish and the Amish will help the English whenever help was needed.  He said that everyone gets along like one huge family and the only difference between everyone was they way they dressed and lived.

Me in front of one of the two wagons they used.

Ron in front of the wagon.

Me in the wagon and ready for the ride.

After we return we went in the house and visited with Jane Gingrich while she finished cooking the meal.  She was extremely friendly and allowed me to take pictures of the inside of her house as long as I did not take any of her.

This is an added part of the house where they serve the meal and is a general purpose room at other times.  In the corner you can see where she does her wash.

The other side of the area where we ate.

This is their living area in the huge room.  The stove is used to heat the whole house.

I did not take any pictures of the main part of the house.  They are planning to tear down the original part of the house because of several structural problems and rebuild and run a bed and breakfast.  They would like to get started next year but need to put in a new septic system and a new well so it might have to wait another year.  I for sure will be one of their first customers when they get it opened. 
One of the questions someone asked at supper was why they do these meals besides a way to bring in a little extra income.  They said they cannot have children and they were lonely and decided to try this and love doing it.  They work with several bed and breakfasts in the area and serve meals at least 3 nights a week.
For supper we started out with a salad and bread with apple butter and zucchini apricot butter for the bread.  Then we ate family style with Mr. Gingrich passing the bowls of food around the table and he would not take anything until last.  We had mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, chicken and noodles, baked fried chicken and meatloaf.  Everything was simply delicious.  Then for dessert we had pumpkin pie, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  This also was passed around the table and you served yourself.  During the whole meal they answered any questions that were asked and encouraged everyone to ask anything they wanted to know, we were one of four couples as their guests.
After everyone was done Mr. Gingrich gave everyone a tour of the house.  The house had very few furniture items but what they did have was all Amish made furniture and was lovely.  He even asked if anyone wanted to see the basement where Jane has stored all the items she cans.  She cans a variety of vegetables, jams, jelly, fruit, and lots of meat.  She uses the items she cans in the meals she serves.  I was the only one who was interested in seeing the basement.  She has everything arranged so nice and neat. 
It was time to say our goodbyes and I asked Mrs. Gingrich who runs the store who came over to help clean up and do the dishes if I could give her a hug for telling us about this.  I cried and told her that this was like a dream and was something I will never forget and would be back next year to shop at her store and for sure will be eating here again.  Also told her I will keep in touch and I want to know when they open their bed and breakfast so I can come and stay with them.  She said next time we come up we can make arrangements to stay with her until her son and daughter-in-law get their bed and breakfast opened.  I just might take her up on it.

Me in my new hat I bought today.


  1. I am so happy for you!! Im glad you had a great time..

    1. Thanks, no one will ever know how much I enjoyed this opportunity.