Saturday, November 2, 2013

Taking a Break

Thought I would sit and rest from working on taking pictures of stuff for Etsy and catch up my neglected Blog.  I had about 130 items to get photographed today, then I will tweak the pictures and then get them posted.  I have about 40 more items to photograph yet today so I can work on the tweaking part tonight.  Etsy and eBay are 7 days a week and all day jobs. 
My son Ron came over on Wednesday and transferred the stuff from my old laptop to the new one, cleaned up the screen of un used items and gave me some pointers.  The only thing about this laptop is that it has a very touchy control pad (mouse).  I don't have the space on my lap to use an external mouse and I will just have to get used to this one.  I now like this one a whole lot more than I did Monday.
Watched Eliz on Thursday while Gina was in school and she slept most of the time.  She was dressed in a Winnie The Pooh outfit for Halloween.  She was 11 weeks old on Friday, time sure flies.
Ian went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and here are some pictures of him and him holding Eliz.  Ian is not a baby person at all and you sure can tell by the way he holds her.

Well this isn't getting the rest of my pictures done so I need to get busy and get them done.  I still have 3 totes of stuff that I need to get hung and then do all the pictures of them.  Busy, busy old lady but it keeps me out of trouble. 


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