Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow, Beautiful Snow

Because of the snow we got last night the 4 turkeys that were going to be butchered were spared their life for another week. Instead we cleaned up the pine branches and when they were done I cleaned the nest boxes and added some fresh straw for the turkeys and chickens. When I was doing that Ron put the snow blade on the tractor so I could plow the drive. While I was doing the drive Ron fixed the front gutter of the shed. We have to get some parts for the back gutter so that one will have to wait until later. We worked outside for about 3 1/2 hours and I enjoyed it so much. I am an outside person and get out as much as I can.
The white pine tree lost several branches, knocked down the gutter on the front of the shed and broken it on the back.

More branches from the white pine.

Still more branches.

Branches were on the roof of the shed.

Side yard, doesn't it look so pretty.

Back field and woods.

The driveway after I spent about an hour or more with the plow clearing it. Beautiful job.

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