Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Where Did It Go

I've looked everywhere but I can't find it.  I am not a person who can sit still and have nothing to do, I have to be busy ALL the time or I am bored.  Ask my husband and he will tell you that I am not a happy person when I get bored.
Well today I can't find my get and and go.  I have no energy, have a headache, and ambition is a foreign word.  Is it the weather or the mile long list of things that need done?  I'm not sure but I hate when I get like this.  I have to be productive, get something done, accomplish a task.  Right now the only thing I am doing is sitting here thinking of all the things that I should be doing and wishing someone would vacuum the house, it needs it so badly. 
I have been up since 6 and have only answered some emails, started a load of wash, measured some Amish items getting them ready for pictures so I can post them and gathered eggs.  For 4 1/2 hours that is nothing. 
If you find my get up and go please send it back to me as I need it ever so badly.  Thanks for your help.

1 comment:

  1. funny Paula! I will keep an eye out for your get-up-and-go while looking for my's been missing too...maybe we have a get-up-and-go thief on the loose?! Take care.