Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coops Cleaned

Yesterday I did the dreaded cleaning of the chicken and turkey coops.  In the winter I use the deep litter method so there was a lot of crap in them.  I hauled the waste to the garden bed and will till it in when the ground thaws more.  Found a couple mouse families in both, the chickens ate a couple of the mice (ick).  Not much I can do to keep them out, I don't have food in the coops that is in the runs.  I guess living next to a field and woods doesn't help.  Now until winter it gets cleaned monthly or sooner.
Today my back and knees are hurting and my legs keep me from getting a good nights sleep.  I am pretty much unfortunately used to getting little sleep.

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  1. Have you tried "white washing" in inside of the coops? The old fashioned type of white wash not paint. You use a specific type of lyme and water and it helps keep bugs and mites down, and it doesn't hurt the chickens. There is a blog I got it from called The Prairie Homestead.