Sunday, March 9, 2014

Smoking Meat

At an auction last month we purchased a new Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker for about $30.   Ron has wanted one for a while now and this is a nice size one and got it for a pretty reasonable price.  Ron and I smoked one of the turkeys we butchered this winter, a chicken I butchered last week, a corn beef tip brisket roast that I picked up yesterday and some fish filets.  When you smoke something you might as well fill up the smoker. There will still be plenty of space but for the first time smoking something I think we will stick with these 4 items.  We had the turkey today along with some pasta salad, quinoa salad and spiral cut baked garlic butter potatoes.
We will have the other meat during the week for supper.  All I will have to do is add a side dish with the meat and have a really nice meal.
This was a first for us, we have never smoked anything before and I can see we really missed something all these years.
Of course I taste tested everything and there will be a lot more fish done, the brisket is soooooo good and all the meat was nice and juicy.

The smoker.

The turkey, 7 lbs.

Fish filets.

Chicken and boneless corn beef tip brisket.


  1. Smoked meat is so good! My middle son would live on it and smoked cheese(you will have to try that!). We had a small smoker at first,but when we started doing our own pigs hubby repurposed an old upright freezer. I like to do bacon and ham. It is so much better than what you buy. Have fun with your new smoker!!

    1. I love smoked cheese and would love to learn to do it. I have so many things on my list of meat I want to do and like I said I will fill it every time. Might as well get your moneys worth from the expensive charcoal.