Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Gave In

Last week the granddaughter Hannah called me when she was at the farm store telling me they had chickens.  Of course I told her I had a dozen that were just a week old and 2 incubators full of eggs.  She informed me that they had Jersey Giants.  I don't think she knew I want Jersey Giants but I have been wanting to try them.  I held out for several days then on Tuesday I went and got the last 5 they had on hand.  They are White Jersey Giants and they were about a week old so they fit in very well with the other chicks.   About 6 months from now I need to look for a Jersey Giant rooster so I can breed some and won't need to buy anymore.
On a positive note, the day I choose to get the chicks was Senior Citizens 10% off day and I was able to get the discount on the chicks.  So it was meant to be or that is what I tell myself.  

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