Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Monday

Until I retire next month I have been working 4 days a week; only 20 more working days and then I will come and go as I please.
Tried to separate the glycerin out of some of the used vegetable oil  today without any luck.  Did some wash, watered all the trees and the garden and sat outside and cut strips for rag rugs.  I also picked some lettuce, spinach and a couple of green onions and made myself a salad for my lunch for the next 3 days.  Renee gave me some radishes from her garden yesterday and I added them.
Today I also baked 2 loaves of bread.. Bread baking was done on Sunday until I started working 4 days a week.  I love the smell of the house on bread days.
Weighed the batches of soap I made last week and also calculated the cost of each batch.  I love making the soap and hope to start selling it.  My soap is not fancy looking nor does it have any fancy smell.  Fancy looks or fancy smell does not get you clean.  I also plan on selling rag rugs.  I would like to set up a stand when Spoon River Days come.  Please watch my blog for details about buying soap or rugs.
Right now the chickens are paying their own way with selling eggs.  They are even making a little money after buying feed' now the soap and rugs need to pay their own way.
Later, take care.

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  1. I bet the rugs would sell well at farmers markets or even if you let it be known in the community