Friday, April 27, 2012


Today is my oldest daughter's birthday, Happy Birthday Gina.

The light at the end of the retirement tunnel is closer, moved the date up to May 11th.

Got some wood tonight at Menard's, my very favorite store, and Ron and I made 2 soap molds.  I will take pictures tomorrow. 

My daughter Renee saw some silicone bread pans and molds at a garage sale that were pretty dirty and didn't know that I would have loved them and could have cleaned them up (use them for soap molds).  She did get a new package of 2 silicone ice cream cone cup cake pans for 75 cents, I am jealous.  After work I tried to find the sale with the pans but could not find it.  Of course trying to find a location that Renee is directing me to to the best of her memory was a lost cause before I started.  :(  She is going to go in the morning to it again and if the stuff is there she will pick it up for me.

A small community by us is having their town wide garage sales tomorrow and we will go to it.  There is always this small farm at the edge of town that has vegetable plants and I have had the best luck buying them there, you have to go to it first because they sell out really fast.  Maybe I will find some silicone molds, wish me luck.
Later, take care.

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