Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frugal advice

I came home from work today and cut up two 1 # boxes of strawberries and 3 large pineapples.  Both of these items were on sale this past week at a national supermarket.  This store is not one of my favorites so I took the ad to Walmart and price matched.  I got the strawberries, pineapples and some cantaloupe for 99 cents each.  The strawberries are cut up and ready for some strawberry shortcake that we will have later this week.  The pineapple is all cut up and in the dehydrator.  Dehydrated pineapple is absolutely delicious, nothing like that sugar laden stuff you buy at the store.  My granddaughter Hannah  loves it and ate almost all I had the last time she was here.  The leaves of the strawberries went to the chickens and the little bit of strawberry that was attached to the leaves went in a small pan of water, simmered until soft and then put through the blender to use in a batch of soap.  The pineapple skin went to the chickens and the core is simmering and will go through the blender and I will also use it for soap.  Right now in the freezer you will find some orange peelings and avocado skin and seeds that I will boil and use for soap.  Using fruit, spices and herbs are the only thing I use for color and fragrance for the soap.  Why pay for something to color or add fragrance to soap; neither one of these does anything to get you clean.
For supper tonight we had pulled pork, the pork was on sale this winter for 99 cents a pound so I purchased a lot of it, cooked it in the crock pot, cooled it and added BBQ sauce.  I then packaged it and froze it; it makes for a simple convenient meal.
I seldom ever purchase something unless it is on sale.  If you have a freezer buying meat when it is on sale is the only way to do it.  The same goes for pantry items, stock up when on sale, don't buy things at full price.
Later, take care.

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