Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sales

Had a good time this morning going to some garage sales.  Ran into Gina and she found some stuff for me.  Got several silicone molds, not sure they will all work for soap but for 25 and 50 cents I'll try.  Got some canning jars and should have enough now.  I will always pick them up if I find them real cheap.  Can't find any place to have the old caners that I got at the auction a couple of weeks ago tested.  They used to test them free at area farm extension offices but because of liability they can't do them anymore.  The lady said they did not know of anyone or anyplace to get it done. 
Renee went to see if she could get the silicone stuff that she saw on Friday and they weren't open today.  :(
Since I've been gone all day I have stuff to do.
Later, take care.

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  1. Hi again,
    I'm still enjoying my stroll through your great blog! Cindy at does pressure cooker valve testing. I believe she is in California but the woman is a font of knowledge; she will probably know somewhere or know someone who knows someone who can pressure test your canners. She is super helpful when it comes to newbies like me. She has a great facebook page and a lot of followers.
    Still love your blog!