Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

April 22nd Earth Day, what do you do to help out our mother earth?  Here are some things that I am doing and maybe you can add some of these things to your list.

We planted 10 pine and 2 apple trees this year.

I go to a couple of grocery stores and get buckets with lids from their bakery (free) and use them to store my flour, oatmeal, rice and other items.  I have all I need right now but still get them and take them down to an Amish community that I go to a couple of times a month.  They give them to anyone who wants them to do the same.

I recycle old clothes and linens to make rag rugs.

I have my daughter Renee save her avocado peels and seeds and orange peelings.  I also save orange peels and put them in the crock pot with some water and simmer all day and put them through the food processor to use as the liquid when making soap.  It gives the soap some color and it is all natural.  So far I have used avocado, orange, clementines and pineapple to use when making soap. What doesn't get used for the soap I give to the chickens.

I render beef suet and pork fat to make soap.  I get the fat and suet from a local butcher for 50 cents a pound.

My daughter Renee's in-laws give me used vegetable oil to use to make soap.  They volunteer at a local American Legion and they save the oil when they change it out.  I filter it and use it to make soap.

I save all my soap scraps and use them in making laundry soap.

I feed all the table scraps to the chickens.  I also feed them all the vegetable and fruit scraps that I don't use for soap.

I have 2 rain barrels that I use to water my plants.

When the dehumidifier fills up I use that water to water my flowers and bushes.

I have fixed up a system to collect the water from the AC to water my garden.  In the middle of the summer I get about 10 gallons of water a day.

There are so many things that we all can do to help; just adding one thing helps to save our earth.

Later, take care.

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  1. i used my recyclable CAT cup at work all day. Just kept refilling it. Also used scrap paper all day instead of sticky notes. An got a gas efficient gas for my birthday.. My efforts...Small steps here. Happy Earth Day and love the picture..