Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Find

This past weekend I found the above item at an auction.  The minute I saw it in a box of kitchen items I knew I was going to do my best to get it.  My mother and grandmother had one of these and I have looked everywhere to find one.  I can remember my mother using one of these all of the time.  I loved to go to my grandmothers when she used this.
The above item is a noodle cutter.  My mom would make noodles one batch at a time and used this often.  All the noodles were cut the same size and a nice width.  My grandmother would make several batches at a time and would drape white feed sacks on the back of her kitchen chair and then drape the noodles over them to dry.  It was fun to see the noodles all over the kitchen and flour was everywhere.  The floured areas were an instant writing surface.  I would use my finger as the drawing tool and make pictures everywhere I could find flour on the counters, table and floor.  I was a kid just being a kid.

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