Sunday, February 17, 2013

Update on How I am Doing

Friday afternoon and early evening were horrible.  Just to think that I was ridding my body from a powerful drug and it was treating me so horrible.  The stomach pain, back pain and dry heaves plus a lot of other symptoms got more than the best of me and I went to the local emergency department.   Its amazing how fast they see you when your blood pressure is sky high, extremely fast heart rate and the artery on the right side of my neck according to the nurse who checked me in was a little terrifying to her.  I spent about 8 hours there and had lots of blood tests and a CT.  They thought the back pain was possible an aortic dissection.  Thankfully that was not the problem, they feel it is from the withdrawal.  After being stuck 4 times they were able to get in 2 IV lines, one for the fluids and the other needed to be a large line for the CT.

I had blood tests, urine tests, CT and they only thing I know is that I did do the correct method weaning my self but the prescription I was taking is one of the hardest to stop and is the hardest to get off of.  I WILL not go back to taking that specific prescription.  My very favorite ER doc came in later that night for his shift and I asked my nurse  to have him come in to talk as a friend.  He was my family doctor until he went through a nasty divorce and gave up his practice to practice emergency medicine.  I got enough hugs from him to last for a couple of year.  He talked to me as a friend and not a doctor and made me see that I need to find a prescription that will be good for me and one that I will stick with through the rest of my life.

The CT did show something that had nothing to do what I was going through and I saw my doctor today  The ER gave me 10 pain pills which we knew would cause itching but there just isn't any pain meds I can take without severe itching.  I took benadryl to help with the itch but it did not work.  That's it for me no more pain pills.  We will have to deal with that at a later time I am taking the lowest strength of ativan and this has been a short term  blessing.

Doctor put me on a couple short term meds and am waiting to be scheduled to have a needle biopsy on the lesion/nodule on the right lung bottom lobe.  LIFE!!!


  1. Sometimes it sounds as if the cure is worse than the problem. Sending prayers and good thoughts for perfect healing to you Paula.

  2. Paula,
    If you get a chance could you e-mail me at:
    I saw all the beautiful items you have on ebay. I am retired, too.