Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally Got To Get Out of the House

It was warm enough today to go out and work in the garage with the door open,  First I took apart an old wood ironing board that I got a couple weeks ago at a town auction for $2.50.  It is in pretty rough shape but I know I can do something with it.  I had to use the hand grinder to get the rivets off and the only problem I have with it is it is hard for me to push the lever to turn it on.  They are made child proof and I guess old lady proof.  I took out all the screws and nail and then proceeded to glue it back together.  One side had came off and the rest of the boards needed glued.  This board is no where as in nice as condition as the ones I have.  It has character and has small worm holes through out the board.  I will take it off of the braces tomorrow to see how it turned out.  The next step is to do some sanding and then I need to let it "talk" to me to see what it wants to be.  I also sanded some light fixtures preparing them for some spray painting and then turning them into Ball Jar Lights.  Ball contacted me this week and offered to send me some of their new Ball Blue Jars they are putting out this year, of course I said I would be more than glad to evaluate them and write about them on the blog.  I plan on using them when I make the lights.  I also started to take apart a very old small rocking chair that I picked up for free at a village auction that  no one wanted.  It was in pretty bad shape but I knew I could use some of the wood to make some special things.  I have another nicer rocker that I picked up but not sure yet what I am going to do with it, it doesn't have a seat or back but the wood is nice and old.
I also had some copper bowels and candlestick holders, estate sale finds, that I turned into some eclectic flowers for the yard. They are not done yet but have a good start.  I will have to take some pictures of the things I've got done so far.
When Ron got home we worked on the turkey coop which is coming along real nice.  It looks like the turkeys will get to move in on Sunday.  Of course the staining won't be done until it warms but I don't think they will really care as much as I will.

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