Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turkey Coop

Ron and I have been trying to work on the turkey coop off and on for several weeks now.  The weather has not been cooperative so it makes it hard to get much done.  He has had the enclosed run except for the door on it made for several weeks and it looks very good.  We hopefully have come to a point where the turkeys should be able to move in by next weekend.  We have all the trim work to do, put the window in the door, put up the roost and make the door for the run.  The staining will have to wait until it gets to be 70 degrees and right now I don't know when that will be.
One of the new roosters has taken over as leader and the tom turkey and it fight a lot.  The turkey sits on the roost a lot and doesn't go out in the run like he did before.  So it is a mater of getting the 2 separated before something happens to the turkey.
So far the only materials purchased for this project has been the siding, plywood for the roof, 2x4's for the roof and the roll of roofing material.  All the rest of the wood has been recycled from shipping pallets.  We found a place that has the long double pallets and they have been perfect.  The roll of heavy duty chicken wire was given to us.  When we get it completed, stained and all I will post more pictures.

Turkey coop as of Sunday 3/24.

Turkey coop, view from in front of the chicken coop.  You can see my rain barrel with the down spout on top of it.  It the hooks up to the white and blue barrel as over flow barrels. 

Enclosed run, notice this run is 6' high and we will be able to stand up in it to clean it out.

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