Sunday, March 31, 2013

Turkeys Have a New Home

The turkeys finally got moved to their new home yesterday.  We still have to trim out the door, do the overhang, add steps to get in and out for the humans and put the wire around the bottom of the coop.  Then when it gets warm enough I will get it stained.  We plan on doing the trim, overhang and steps today and possibly the wire around the bottom.  It will take them a while to get used to living without the chickens and hopefully will be able to add a couple room mates to their home in a couple of months.  I plan on keeping at least 2 hens and 1 tom to breed so I don't have to buy turkey eggs next year.  Ted didn't go into the coop until it really started getting dark, Thelma felt right at home and even laid an egg, not in her nest box but beside it.  I went out to check on them about 7 last night and she was laying on the floor beside the nest box and I thought something was wrong with her so I went in and she got up and I saw the egg.  I'm hoping she will lay some more but in the nest box and then get broody and sit on them and hatch some the natural way.
Renee and Brandon was over to pick some stuff up yesterday and we candled some of the turkey eggs, we have never done this before but you can tell that for sure that not all of the eggs were fertile.  I sure hope I at least get a 50% hatch rate, would love more than that but got to be realistic.  :(

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