Sunday, March 24, 2013

Writers Block

I've had writers block.  I don't want to just write just anything and bore you.
I've have been extremely busy with Etsy and Ebay, we are not going to any  estate sales or auctions until the stock I have goes way down so I won't have to spend so much time doing those things.
I've also not felt the best physically or mentally.  I fell about 2 weeks ago when coming out of the chicken coop and hit my tail bone on the door way.  I am still in horrible pain with it.  Sitting is getting very hard to do.  The pain wakes me at night.  I am not going to the doctor about it.  With all the doctor visits and tests I've had lately I for sure can't afford it and am not kidding.  My husband's insurance is not the best and I was spoiled with the insurance I had at the hospital.  I can see now why people don't go to the doctor when they are sick.  I am going to have to be close to death before I go anymore this year.  I have 1 more test to go through next month and that it is.  Well that is all the boring I will put you through today.

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