Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update Again

Doing some better.  Can't drive until I get off one of the meds they put me on when I had the panic attack.  The doctor at my request started weaning me on Monday.  The stupid med made me want to sleep all the time and was causing balancing problems and spacial problems. It was like I was drunk all the time and I never drink.
Then on Monday night after we delivered some eggs to the people who gave us the chickens last week Ron and I made 1 last trip out to to see if there were anymore eggs before the girls went to bed/roost.  When I go out back I always wear these clogs that have non slip grippers on them plus who wants to walk in all the chicken poop in good shoes.  We went right from the car to the coop, went in collected 2 more eggs and put them in my jacket pocket then visited with the chickens.  The more you are around them they get used to you and most will let you pet them and they will eat out of your hand.
I then proceeded to step out of the coop and slipped and fell bottom first and hit the door step of the coop and then slid out and hit my back.  I laid there crying, and trying to figure out how in the heck was I going to get up.  My right leg was turned to the side and I thought for sure it was broke.  I had Ron straighten it out, sat there in the mud (it has been raining for several days) and cried more.  I tried for several minutes to get up and finally got on my knees and hands and got up that way.  I am still in a lot of pain, have a hard time sitting, hard time walking and horrible time getting up after sitting down.  I just thank God I didn't break something.
My back hurts, my bottom hurts, my hands and arms hurt and my right leg hurts.
You know the 2 eggs in my pocket didn't break and that was one of the first things I said to Ron after the fall, I was so proud that at least I saved them.


  1. Oh, ouch, Paula! I hope you stop hurting soon. I confess......I did have to laugh that the eggs didn't break. :-)

  2. I fell so sorry for you Paula. I too had to laugh that the eggs didn't break. I hope your pain is leaving and you are feeling much better.


    1. No I am still in a lot of pain. It has to get better soon.
      And yes I was so proud that I did not break the eggs.