Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Planting Done

After almost 9 long hours I have my spring planting done.  This is my first year planting in my "Garden of Eden".  I started out with planting 4 8 foot rows of peas.  I used the spade to dig the rows, it's like when Moses parted the Red Sea, you have to dig a trench to plant.  After the peas I planted 3 rows of beets and 1 row with radishes and 2 kinds of lettuce.  I dug these 4 rows by hand with a hand spade.  Then came 3 rows of potatoes which I dug with the shovel.  Then I started 15 containers of Cabin Tomato seeds that a fellow blogger sent me.  They are a heirloom tomato and are huge.  Really anxious to grow them.
I then came in at 2:30 for my breakfast/lunch break.  Went back out about 3:00 when Ron got home and he dug up the 2 beds for the onions and then Ron helped me plant them.
Done until it gets warm enough to put out the rest of the stuff which should be about 6 weeks.  I think I have more things I want to plant than I have space for.

4 rows of peas, I will add wire between the poles for the peas to climb on.  That is my blackberry bushes at the end of the garden.

3 rows of beets and 1 row with radishes and 2 kinds of lettuce.

Empty section where tomatoes and whatever else I decide.

3 rows of Yukon Gold potatoes.

This is where the peppers will go, I will put them in early and cover the frame with plastic  for my mini green house.

2 raised beds filled with onions, white, yellow and red.  Notice the huge rooster who is guarding the area, I bought him with our Christmas money from Tony and Renee.  I've wanted him for a couple of years and finally got him.


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    1. I think I got it all corrected, thank God for you and your proof reading skills.

  2. Looks like you have a good start. I'm so glad to hear our feeling well enough to get out and work in the garden. Fresh air and digging in the dirt is my cure all. We've peas, lettuce and radish in but need to wait the wet weather out for the rest. I'm anxious to hear how this method works out

    1. I'm at my happiest when I can get outside. I am one very sore old lady today but it was worth it.