Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beautiful Day in Pictures

View of my "Garden of Eden" and the trellis I made from a recycled cattle fence.

This is the chicken tractor we are making with recycled materials.  The only cost is for the zip ties we are using to hold on the chicken wire.  I'll take more pictures when we are done.  This is where the chickens and turkeys will live that are going to be butchered.

One of the apple trees that we planted last year bloomed.

2 of the 4 rows of peas, noticed the grass I added between the rows.

The row with the radishes and lettuce.

The tomato plants and a view of the trellis on the right.

The lilac bush has finally bloomed, late this year because it has been a late spring.

2 stray huge tulips out by the front tree.

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  1. RE: Apple Trees

    If you have a lot of blooms or a lot of little apples on a very your apple tree - pick some off before they get too far along.
    Sometimes an immature tree will produce so many apples that, in the fall, it will split or snap branches or the entire tree.