Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chicken Feed

For the last several months we have been getting our chicken feed from a feed store/grain mill close to our house.  I found out about them when we rescued the chickens we got earlier this year.  The feed is fresh made by them and looks like real food and not something that has been pressed into a pellet that looks all the same.  Each bag is dated and I never have purchased anything that was older than a couple weeks old.
When I went to pick up some starter, layer and grower/finisher yesterday they were out of starter and was in the process of making up some more and did not have any grower/finisher.  They said I was the first person this season who had asked for it.  They said they would make up a 500 lb batch (I only buy 150 lbs at a time, that's what fits in the metal garbage cans I keep the feed in) and offered to deliver it to me with the starter last night so I wouldn't have to make another trip up.  Now how many places would do something like that.  I told him that was extremely nice but we would be coming that way the next day on our way to an auction and would picked it up then.
They sell eggs there, not for a profit but as a service to the community.  They were out and asked if I had any that I needed to sell and if so to bring them up and they would buy them; I took all I had, 5 dozen.  So every time I need feed I will take up my extra eggs.
If you raise chickens and you have a grain mill/feed store by you check and see if they make up their own chicken feed and try it.  I like that the grain that is grown in my area is being feed to my chickens and I am buying local and supporting my local farmers and businesses.  The price for a 50 lb bag of their feed is much cheaper than the commercial feed I was buying at my local farm store.
For those in my area it is the grain mill in Glasford, I always called it the Glasford Grain Mill but it is officially called Akron Services and I know they have other mills in other parts of the state.
So a big thank you to the extremely nice people at Akron Services AKA Glasford Grain Mill for going that extra mile for its customers.

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  1. Great story...what good people in your community...including yoursel!