Monday, May 13, 2013

Broody Chicken and Moving Day for the Broiler Chickens and Turkeys

I've have had a broody hen for several weeks now and finally yesterday I got tired of hearing her cry when I took the eggs so I decided to let her have 5 eggs.  When I was out cutting grass this morning I saw that someone else was in the nest and she was carrying on something horrible.  She must have got up to eat and drink and someone got in the nest as it is a popular nest.  So after all the yard work I went out and moved her to a nest that they don't use and gave her 4 more eggs.  At first when I moved her and was moving the eggs you thought I was killing her.  When the eggs got moved I picked her up and sat her in the new place and have checked on her several times and she seems very happy now.  This is the first time I've had a broody hen.  She is one that we got free when we got the turkeys last year.  She is a Spotted Sussex; she is brown with white spots.
Tomorrow is moving day for the 12 chickens and 4 turkeys that we plan on butchering.  After I get them moved I will clean out the brooder and then move the 3 chickens and turkey that was hatched last week into their new home.  Then when they get about 4 weeks old they will go out with the rest of the broilers.  They have been in a temporary small tote and will have a huge amount of space when they get moved.

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