Sunday, May 26, 2013

Huge Shock

We celebrated Memorial Day today and had the entire family over for lunch and fellowship.  Right after everyone got here I got the biggest shock of my life.  Ali and Gina (oldest daughter who is 42) were discussing something and acting a little funny.  I asked if something was wrong and they said no and Ali said just go ahead and tell them.  She said we are going to have a baby, I thought she meant her 21 year old son or God forbid her 17 year old daughter.  I said who is having the baby and she said Ali and I.  Gina is 42 her kids are 22, 21, and 17 and is almost finished getting her RN license.  Ali's kids are 17 and 10 with the 17 year old living with him.  So this fall they will have 2 seniors in high school and a new born.  She just found out for sure on Friday and is due the first of October but will have the C Section at the end of September.  She still plans on going to school this fall but will not be able to take as many classes as she had planned.  She is going to school this summer and will continue to do that.  Of course this was not in their plans but as Ali said you have to deal with what life gives you.  She is taking it OK but Ali is taking it better.  They have been thinking about finding a bigger house and now they will for sure have to do it.  I figured some day I might have great grandchildren but NEVER anymore grandchildren.  I might even get to watch the baby a couple days a week as she goes to school.  I haven't held a newborn in 6 years that's how old my youngest grandchild is.
I am happy for them and knows that this changes their lives so much.  They thought they would be "empty nesters" in a couple years but that won't happen for a long time now.
Now my garage sales take on a new angle, they will need EVERYTHING and she will use second hand items.  They aren't that picky.  Next month they hope to find out the sex of the baby which will make it easier to get things.
Congratulations Gina and Ali and everything will work out just fine.

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  1. Oh my goodness how wonderful! God has to be laughing! Think of all the times we've said "if I could do it all over I would __________"Now they can! Congrats grandma!