Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Gathering

On Monday the 2nd we had all those that could make it over to celebrate Labor Day and a wonderful day of visiting.  We ate inside and then we all went outside to visit and play some yard games.  I love to have family gatherings and always dreamed of having a close family.  When growing up this is not something we did and I always wished we could be like other families.  We are not as close as I wished we were, seems like someone is always unhappy with someone.  Life is to short and we only have one chance to go around so everyone should try to not sweat the small stuff and just get along.

Reagan and Renee.

Ilayda and Derek.

Brandon and girlfriend Brittni.

Erin, Hannah's friend and Brandon.

Ian, Brandon and Reagan.

Derek and Ilayda.

Hannah and Brittni.

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