Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Lazy Do Nothing Day for Me

The big snow from yesterday is still coming down.  It slowed down for a little while but has picked up again.  We received about 9 inches of new snow on top of the 7 inches we got this past weekend.
I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and was scared to death with them telling me about all the pain I was going to be having.  So far I took 1 pain pill and that was before I went to bed, I thought it might help me sleep.  Well I was wrong about that, I did not sleep well at all.  I was awake about every 1/2 hour.  I don't know why I couldn't sleep, I wasn't having any pain I just did not sleep.

I've declared today is an official PJ's day for me.  No reason I see of to get dressed, not going anywhere and I'm pretty sure no one will be coming here.  All schools and some businesses are closed and there is very little traffic on the roads.

I can throw my coat on and still go out and gather eggs, the chickens are not into fashion so they could care less what I have on.  I guess I better get out there and see how good they have been and then I am going to take a nap.

1 comment:

  1. HI,Hope you sleep better tonight! Don't feel bad about a day off..we all need one sometimes. I'd say you are deserving! Funny,I just told my son that the critters don't care what we wear..they are just looking for the feed bucket and hay bales! Feel better!