Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Indiana Clothes Buying Trip

We left for our day to the Middlebury Shipshewana area Sunday morning and had a nice 5 hour drive there.  The weather was beautiful and the roads were clean.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Middlebury and would stay there again, very nice, clean and friendly place.  For supper that night we ate at a Italian Restaurant that the staff at the hotel recommended.  It was very nice and the food was excellent.
Up early on Monday morning and packed everything up and ate breakfast at the hotel.  They had a huge spread of food which is always so nice and convenient.  We left there and straight to do my clothes shopping.  The shop opened at 8:30 and we got there at 8:29.  Norma opened the shop and explain where the items I wanted to look at were and then went back into the house to straighten up from her kids getting ready for the morning.  I picked out the clothes, Ron took them off of the hangers and when Norma came back she clipped off the tags.  Had a wonderful time visiting with her while I shopped.  I have about 12 garbage bags full of clothes sitting in the middle of my living room right now and it will take me a day to get them on hangers and then the fun begins.  Everything needs to be written down with the color and measurements of each item.  Then I need to take the pictures and get the items listed.  Watch for more on my trip in another post.

We saw about a dozen wild turkeys in a field outside Middlebury.

Check out the beard on this fellow.

No mater the weather the Amish still hang clothes out.

A couple of horses with covers on to keep a little warmer.

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