Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bulk Cheese Purchase

When we were in Indiana this past Monday we went to an Amish Bulk Food Store.   This was the biggest bulk food store we have ever been to.  It would take a good half day or more to go up and down every isle and look at everything.  We were there for a couple special items and CHEESE.  Buying cheese in bulk saves so much money.  We cut it in chunks, vacuum seal it and then freeze it until we are ready for some.  Amish areas always have huge varieties of cheese and most have samples.  Of course there were samples of almost every cheese they sold and I tasted almost all of them.
We picked up small chunks of the following cheese:
Yogurt Cheese, Horseradish Cheese, Salsa Cheese, Cheese and Salami and Pepperoni Cheese.
We got 2 lbs of Amish Creamery Cheese, 6 lbs of the following: Baby Swiss, Smoked Baby Swiss, Smoked Mozzarella, Mild Cheddar and 12 lbs of Colby.
Prices for bulk cheese is a lot cheaper than small packages.  The cheddar was $1.99 #, Colby $3.15 #, smoked mozzarella and baby swiss was $4,49 # and the most expensive was the smoked baby swiss at $4.89 #.  If you would get any of the above cheese at a deli you would pay $2+ more a pound.
We also picked up 5 lbs of deli sliced smoked ham at $1.99 # and 6 lbs of smoked turkey at $1.99 #.  We packaged the ham and turkey in one pound packages and also that is how we packed the cheese.

Side parking lot and side of the bulk food store.

More of the side parking lot and side of the bulk food store.
1st basket of cheese going in the freezer.

The ham and turkey packed and in the freezer.

The Colby and Mild Cheddar before cutting.

2nd basket waiting to go in the freezer.

3rd basket ready to go in the freezer.


  1. Great shopping trip! I also buy my cheese at the bulk food store..and you are right about the prices. Makes you realize what the markup is at mainstream stores..ridiculous!!

    1. You are so correct about the huge markup. If the Amish can sell it at those prices why can't others?

  2. I'm so jealous! Love me some cheese! Great bargains for you.

    1. I LOVE cheese. The kids and grand kids also love cheese. The 11 year old granddaughter who is diabetic can eat all the cheese she wants and when I know she is coming over I get out a few different kinds and cut it up in cubes and make her a small bag to snack on whenever she wants to.

  3. Amish stores are so fun. I don't buy near as much at one time as you did, but have one nearby so it isn't a big deal to drive over for me. I have a friend that likes to go and we make a day of it. We always get the two dollar deli sandwiches (so big, you do not need anything else) and an old-fashioned pop for lunch. I love the bulk herbs and spices, the canning supplies (one piece jar lids are awesome, although they say they aren't approved for canning, but they work for me) and the produce, especially the fruit. Have you ever been there when they plow the snow from their parking lot?