Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby Chickens get Moved

I moved the chicks from the little brooder to the big brooder when we got home today. Unfortunately the first born chick got trapped beside the feeder and found him dead when we came home. I don't think the last 2 eggs are going to hatch but will give them until Monday morning. Out of 19 viable eggs we have 15 chicks, 2 died and 2 eggs have not hatched.

Phase One brooder box that Ron made last year from a wooden crate and lined it with heavy cardboard.  I took a piece of chicken wire and made a covering for the top.

Chicks getting ready for their move.

They are so cute and precious.

In the big brooder.

Ron made this last year from a crib that was picked up at an auction for $1.00, lined it with heavy cardboard, plywood bottom and chicken wire lid.  I use the cardboard on top to hold in the heat or let some out as needed.

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  1. I really like your brooder from the crib..very clever!! I raise mostly buff orpingtons,so they hatch mine when they get broody. I do have a few I wind up with a few of those crossed with the buffs. Gotta love the baby chicks,don't you?