Friday, February 21, 2014

First Two Chicks

Woke up to my first 2 chicks out of the 19 eggs that were left in the incubator.  This was at 7 am today and it is 12:45 pm and I have 8 chicks with 2 chicks pecking their way out.  That leaves 6 eggs that need to start.  I was going to start right away filling 2 incubators with more chicken eggs but realized that they would hatch right before we go to Pennsylvania for a week.  So I plan on filling the 2 incubators on March 5th.  This way we will be home a day or 2 when it is time to take them out of the automatic egg turner.  I don't want our grandson to have to take care of any new chicks as he will be doing enough feeding the hens, collecting eggs, feeding the turkeys and taking care of the babies who will be about 4 weeks old when we leave; plus he works.   I'm sure my oldest daughter Gina will come over several times to help out.  She is really good about helping when we travel without being asked.  She just always volunteers to do it and she lives the farthest of the 3 kids. 

The yellow chick was from a brown egg and the brown chick from a green egg.

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