Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Chicken for a Pot of Soup or Noodles

After the dressing of the last egg eater I started find remnants of shell once in a while.  For a couple of months I have suspected that a chicken that the grandson gave us last summer was possibly eating eggs.  Every time I went into the coop she was always in a nest pecking around or just sitting there for hours without laying an egg.  On Saturday morning I went in to gather eggs and she was either pecking at an egg or at the bedding so I started with that nest first and gathered the eggs.  She went to another nest where there were 2 eggs and in a matter of seconds she had broken one open and was starting to eat it.  That was it I picked her up by the feet and finished gathering the eggs and promptly took her over to the turkey coop where she stayed until later that afternoon.
After we had done our Saturday shopping Ron and I proceeded to get her taken care of.  I always do the killing and instead of plucking her I skinned her and Ron removed the innards.  I brought her in and washed her up and plopped her in a freezer bag for later.
We try and do everything they suggest to prevent egg eaters but they don't always work.  An egg eater is almost impossible to break and can't afford to have one.  Both of the hens that we had to take care of were ones that would have been butchered later this year after the new ones that I am or will hatch started laying.  It's not something I enjoy doing BUT must do.

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