Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hatching Some Chicken Eggs

On January 31st I put 25 eggs in one of my incubators.  I didn't fill it because I wasn't sure the 2 roosters were doing their job.  Yesterday I candled the eggs and only 4 had not developed anything. So I have 21 eggs that are showing some growing going on inside. A week from this Friday I hopefully will see some babies. I will fill 2 incubators after this group hatches.  Now I am getting really anxious to see how many of the 21 eggs will hatch. 
In a month or so the turkeys should start laying eggs and I will put turkey eggs in the 3rd incubator.  I didn't have very good luck with turkey eggs last year and am hoping I do better this year.  
I will keep you posted and of course will post pictures just like any proud mommy would. 

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