Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Turkeys Have Started Laying

Found 2 eggs in the turkey coop today in a corner I hadn't looked in.  I just figured they would lay in the nice nest box I have set up them.  Needless to say with the polar vortex we still have going on they were frozen.  So from now on when I go out several times a day to get chicken eggs or to check on everyone I will be looking all around the turkey coop.  It is earlier than they started laying them last year so I hadn't been looking that closely.  I added some more bedding to their nest box and moved it to where I found the eggs and am hoping they use it.  I don't know where there are any golf balls or I would put a couple in the nest box.  I'll have to see if Ron knows when he gets home from work today.  Yahoo, hopefully I'll have better luck with turkeys this year, not easy to hatch and get past 6 weeks; that has been a problem for me.

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