Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amish Store By Our House

The Amish Bakery/Bulk-food store we used to go to by our house has closed and the owners are moving back to the community where they lived before moving to this area several years ago.  They had had an auction and several of the other Amish families in the area also brought stuff.  They had a lot of items that had no interest to us but did find a new in the box paint sprayer that I am going to use when it gets warm enough to stain the turkey coop.  Also picked up a couple small items.   We had homemade donuts for breakfast and hamburgers, hot dogs with a slice of pie for lunch.  All the food was by donation for the school.
The store/house will be occupied by one of the Yoder's sons for right now.
One of the Kaufman (dairy farm) sons has a piece of land on the main route and will building a bakery/bulk food store there.  He will be having a lot more meat and cheese and have a variety of different items.  Being on the main road should bring him more traffic.  Real anxious for it to open.  He just got his building permit so it will be a little while before it opens.  I wish them well and hope they do very good.

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  1. I was going to come out and located the Amish store in Cuba IL. We camp in canton and my mother n law would love to visit some the Amish stores. Could you tell me where they are located since this bulk food store has closed.
    Please email me at