Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Chores All Done and Babies on the Way

Except for staining the turkey coop is done; the new window, huge window got put in the chicken coop and the brooder has been started.   When it gets warmer I will stain the turkey coop and plan on re staining the chicken coop this year.  Last year I re stained the shed and want to make sure we do it every few years so they hold up.
Today the auto egg turner in the incubator with just the chicken eggs was taken out, candled all the eggs and took out the ones that did not have any development.  Of the 38 eggs that I started with 20 remain and the other 18 I took out in the back field and broke them.  They did not smell at all and none had any development in them.  Sure hope the 20 that are left all hatch.  Hatching should start sometime Wednesday.
Then Wednesday the 26 turkey eggs and 15 chicken eggs in incubator # 2 will be taken off the auto turner, candled for the last time and the ones that show no development will be taken out.  Those should start hatching sometime Saturday.  In incubator # 3 there are only 6 turkey eggs that have been in for 2 weeks so I candled them and 5 look pretty good.  Right now I plan on adding the 6 turkey eggs I have in the closet (coolest place in the house)  and what is collected until incubator # 1 is empty.  Then next week we will see how many live turkeys and chickens we have and go from there.  We are not sure how many turkeys and how many chickens we need to raise for the year.  It's all a guessing game at this point.

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