Friday, April 26, 2013

Yard Work, I LOVE Yard Work, Really

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I worked outside all day long.  I started on the front yard first and part way through I managed to get the mower in a ditch in the front side of the yard.  I managed to get it buried up to the axle of the back wheels.  In my defense I usually use the lawn tractor to do that part but with all the rain the ground was way to saturated and the more I tried to get it out the worse it got.
I called my husband at work and asked if I ever got the lawn tractor stuck how would I pull it out with my vehicle.  He said no way could I do it and said it was almost lunch time and would come home and get it out.  He came home put a chain on the front of the tractor, hooked it to the back of his truck and in less than 10 seconds it was out.
While I was waiting for him I put together some recycled, re-purposed yard art flowers and put them out by my Fresh Eggs sign.  I thought it needed a little bling.
After the flowers I then went back to mowing and finished everything I could with the lawn tractor and then got out the push mower and finished the places I could not do with the tractor; like the ditch.

Today I pulled the few weeds from my garden beds, I have onions, radishes, beets, 2 kinds of lettuce and peas up. The potatoes should be coming up in a week or so.

My sign with my flower art.

Copper decorative bowl and jello mold on green rods with old spoons pounded flat for the leaves.

View of the front of the house, check out those neat straight mowing lines.

Side yard, the bush to the right is a lilac bush and next to it is the little ditch I got the mower stuck in.

View of my "Garden of Eden".  Potatoes are in the front end, big empty space for tomatoes and whatever, radishes, lettuce, beets and peas at the far end by the blackberry bushes.

2 raised beds of onions with some chives and other herbs in the bed on the left.  That is my guard rooster who watches over everything.

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