Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Turkey Coop Update

Except for the wire skirting that is going on Friday and the staining that will be done when it gets warmer and finding something to put over a part of the top of the run to keep out rain and sun the turkey coop is finished. Thelma has laid 4 eggs since moving in, not in her nest box but always next to it so I put in a different nest box yesterday.  Maybe she didn't like the first one and hopefully will like this one.  Ted, I don't know about Ted.  He has to be happier not constantly being picked on but he doesn't seem to be happy.  I hope he is not depressed because I'm not sure they make depression meds for turkeys.  We do plan on keeping a tom and a couple hens from those we hatch so maybe he will be happier when they move in.

Turkey coop front view, pretty good for about 85% of the materials being recycled items and free.

The run side view.

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  1. Just checking in from Texas,we're doing fine, so far, family's all well, had a great Easter, turkey coop looks wonderful!!! Take care, blessings G.