Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Update

The rooster that got a little tore up is doing beautifully.  His toes and head look good and the bleeding has stopped.  I will keep him in the "hospital cage" until we decide what to do with the offender.  Ron is asking some guys from work to see if someone wants him.
The 2 turkeys with the leg problems are doing much better.  The one who was always on his back is on his stomach most of the time and is starting to use his legs more.  The one who used to army crawl all the time is using both legs and is getting around pretty good.  At this point I really think they will make it.
In the brooder I have 12 chickens and 4 turkeys, not as many as I had hoped for but some is better than none.
The incubator with lots of turkey and chicken eggs has had no action and I have lost just about all hope anything else will hatch from it.  Tomorrow will be the last day I will keep the eggs in it and then I will give it a good cleaning and add some chicken eggs to it.

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