Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Weekend Help

Brandon came to spend the weekend and helped me out with a lot of things.  First thing Saturday morning he   fried me eggs so I could have an egg and toast sandwich.  He helped me clean out the incubator several times, helped me remove the birds that died and then we went outside.  Since we had a lot of rain last week the yard was perfect for rolling so Brandon rolled the yard.  I used the weed whacker and worked on the neighbor's herb/flower garden then did our whole yard.  Ron took off the snow blade when Brandon was done rolling the yard and then put the deck back on and Brandon mowed the yard for me.  It looks so nice when it gets done.
Ron cleaned out the entire shed and rearranged everything and looks so nice.  Last week he started working on his work bench in the garage and has it almost done.  Our garage is a catch-all.  It seems like we clean that stupid thing out all the time.  We don't have a basement so our storage space is very limited.

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