Saturday, December 22, 2012

Annual Holiday Movie Day with the Grandchildren

Every year we take the grandchildren to see a Christmas holiday movie and this year we went to see Rise of The Guardians.  It is difficult to choose a movie that they all might enjoy.  There is a 16 year span from the oldest to the youngest one.  The oldest grandchild did not go to this years movie with us, he had some prior plans and the 20 year old worked 3rd shift and was sleeping.   When we get to the theater we get our seats first and then we go and get drinks and popcorn for everyone.  We usually share a couple of tubs of popcorn and get refills if needed.  We try and break the group up so they don't sit and talk during the movie.  The oldest granddaughter (Hannah 16) is always a big help with the others, she has always been a little "mother hen".
After the movie we swung by the house so I could get some pictures of the grandchildren and will post them on Monday.  The picture taking took place outside and we had some snow the other day and the minute we got in the backyard the snowballs started.  I was ready to hang them by their toe nails.  I would get one to stop and then another one would start; I was regretting even thinking about taking pictures.   With grandchildren you get to take them back home and I was ready for that.  :)

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