Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday was hand doctor day and am now brace free.  I start therapy tomorrow morning at 8; what the heck was I thinking when I made an 8 AM doctor appointment.  The thumb hurts some when I try to use it but use it as much as I can.  The doctor said she didn't think I was going to be one of those people who would take a long time to get back to normal.  I guess she saw that I am a on the go type of person and little keeps me down.
Brandon came Friday night and went home last night after supper.  Saturday we went down to shop at the Amish bakery/bulk food store and picked up 50 lbs of flour as I was almost out.  I also picked up some cheese and ham for Renee.  We then went over to the dairy and got a couple gallons of fresh milk.  One gallon Ron took to work this morning for someone and the other gallon I am going to skim the cream off the top and then freeze the cream and milk so I have it for cooking.   We do not drink milk and use it to cook with only.  I have never liked milk and Ron doesn't drink it.
Also Saturday I needed to get some fresh straw put in the chicken coop and saw on my favorite Craigslist that someone had 4 bales of it free. The place was only 10 minutes from our house so we went and picked it up, that saved $20.  With the straw was some stalks of corn and we had to take that too.  After unloading the straw and putting one bale in the coop and the other 3 in the storage shed Brandon took the corn stalks and built the chickens a chicken tee-pee.  He first removed the corn from the stocks and feed it to the chickens and took some home for his chickens.
Ron has started on the turkey coop, we need to get them in their own coop and run by this spring.  We will do a little at a time as I find free or really cheep items to use.  We already have the 6' high chicken wire (free), brand new and very heavy duty.  If we get close to the time we need the coop and run done and are short on materials I have some money put aside from the garage sale we had this fall and will use it.
Yesterday Brandon and I made brownies, he has been wanting to make some so we made the time to do it. I have brownie mix from scratch that I keep mixed up and stored in the spare fridge.  We made a pan and he wanted to make coffee brownies so he added some instant coffee packets that he brought from home and it is very good.  We also made a pan without coffee for Ron.  Now I need to look the recipe up and make some more mix as I am now out.  For those that also want the recipe it is here on the blog, just search using the keyword brownies.

Brandon's creation for the chickens.

One of the girls is climbing on the wall.

I think she is confused and wondering what the heck was some human doing in our run.

The turkeys and chickens checking out their tee-pee.  The were praying that they didn't have to share the tee-pee with some Indians and possibly be the guest of honor at their next meal.

Ron working on the turkey coop.

One of the walls started.  We had more boards to add to this wall but ran out of nails.  So far all the wood has been free.

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