Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tree Limbs for Curtain Rods

I am not a fru fru person and don't have a huge amount of things decorating my house.  What I do have is northern outdoors themed items.  I have bears, moose and fish throughout the house and in the kitchen I have chickens.   For about 15 years every summer we went to Canada for a week of wonderful fishing.  For several years I brought home nice "walking sticks" that we found on the lakes where we fished.  Years ago while looking through a magazine or book I saw where someone used tree limbs for curtain rods.  So in our bedrooms we have tree limb curtain rods.  Ron made cut the holders and I painted them.   They are rustic looking rods that are heavy duty and I love the look.

Front bedroom window in my room.

Side window in my room.



  1. Very Cute! Would you mind showing this on our new blog hop over at I think our readers would love it! Thanks!

    xoxo, Jordan.

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