Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crocheted Rag Baskets

A couple weeks ago while "surfing" I saw some cute crocheted rag baskets and wanted to try to make some.  I had to wait until my hand was better and since I was up at 4 this morning I decided to try to make one.  They are made just like the rag rugs and I really think they are cute.  The first one I made today was from some recycled white t-shirts from my son-in-law.  After making it I wanted to age it a little so I picked some used tea bags out of the top of the garbage and boiled them and then put the basket in it to age it. Then I made another one from some old sheets that someone gave me.  My hand is hurting pretty bad so I overdid it a bit.
There are so many uses for these; use it in the garden to put veggies in, egg basket, use as a purse, put a baking dish in to take to a pot luck, fruit basket and many more.  I have a lot of old sheets, table cloths, t-shirts and misc fabric that people have given me to make rag rugs so these are made using recycled items at no cost.  You can make so many different shapes, with or without handles and different kind of handles.  I will post pictures of mare as I make them.
Basket before I tea aged it.

T-shirt basket and sheet basket.

The tea aged basket will be my new egg gathering basket.


  1. Love the baskets! Very cute. And so soon after your hand surgery - I'm sure your doctor wouldn't want to hear you've been crocheting already. LOL

    1. Before I had surgery the doctor kept telling me how when its the non dominate hand it takes longer to get back to normal because people don't feel they need to do work so hard. If it is your dominate hand you work harder. Well that is all she had to tell me; the stubborn old me had to prove her wrong. When I went in 2 weeks ago she made the remark that it looks like I am much further along in my recovery than most people. If someone tells me that I can't do something I will do it. Stubborn, perfectionist, OCD that;s me!!!!