Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Therapy Appointment

Had my hand therapy appointment at 8:30 this morning.  My hand is doing very good and am much further along with recovery than most people do when having this type of surgery.    He was very surprised that I was able to crochet and as long as my hand doesn't swell I can continue doing what I have been doing.   They have added some strength exercises for my hand and don't go back to see him for 4 weeks.
While I was in town I dropped off 12 dozen eggs that I had an order for, picked up a Christmas gift for one of the grandchildren and stopped at the post office.  When I go out I try and get as much done as possible.
When I got home I took down 4 lines of linens and hung up 4 more lines of linen.  Washed up 4 loads of old linens so I can get them cut up for crocheting rag rug, bags and baskets.  By crocheting I am doing something I enjoy and getting free hand therapy.

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